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      I am a person who simply loves arts, music, and people.

      My big interests are listening to music so eventually my work tends to relate to 
      the music industry or is inspired by my favourite lyrics.
      Although my speciality is packaging design ( such as book covers, CD jackets and so on ), 
      I am always keen to expand my skills to another area and push  the boundary.


      BA(Hons) Graphic Design
      University for the Creative Arts,
      Epsom, U.K.

      BTEC Diploma in Foundation studies
      in Art and Design
      University College for the Creative Arts
      Farnham, U.K.

      General study at high school level (majored Art Course)
      Hachioji High School
      Tokyo, Japan

      Award / Nomination

      2010     Paper Co. Silver award
                      for designing stationary and branding image
      2011     Lloyds Art of Nuture Shortlisted
                      for illustrating the company's policy


      2010     Tales of Gentle Island ( やさしい島のものがたり)
                      organised by AAA, Yokohama, Japan
      2010     No Added Sugar
                      organised by colleagues, Epsom

      2011     Long live the Art School (Graduation show)
                      The red church st. Gallery, London

      2012     First drawing of the year ( 描き初め展 )
                      organised by AAA, Yokohama, Japan
      2012     Otonimiru(オトニミル展)
                      group exhibition, Yokohama, Japan
      2013     12 artists
                      organised by AAA, Yokohama, Japan


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